Facility Outline

Amuse Museum

What's Amuse Museum?

Amuse Museum is ga live museumh which sends out the Japanese unique virtues such as gharmonyh, gbeautyh, and gtechnologyh from this wonderful place Asakusa where all sorts of nationalities gather up from all over the world.
There exist some unique graphics, product designs, and textile arts that have been exclusive only to the Japanese traditional culture. Amuse Museum tries to revive those precious ways of life and unique traditional spirits which even Japanese people themselves are starting to forget. We apply our own unique methods to introduce the Japanese culture.

Facility Outline

Amuse Museum is a general art building where you can feel and experience the real Japanese culture through many functioning spaces such as Ukiyo-e theater, Live stage, as well as the exhibition galleries.

We also have:

Aizome Kobo : Japanese traditional Indigo-dyeing Experience
Museum shop : A souvenir shop for artistic Tenugui towels and elegant Japanese Arts and handicrafts.

Admission fee

Adults 1080 yen
University and High school students 864 yen
Junior High and Elementary school students
540 yen
Children before entering schools: free of charge
Group fee 864 yen per person

-Group fees apply to groups of 15 visitors or more.
-People who are handicapped or under welfare assistance
(please show your identification) and one person accompanying them: 540 yen
-All the fees are tax included.

Ongoing Exhibition

Museum Closed

Museum Closed : Mondays
(In case Mondays fall on the national holidays, the following days will be substituted.)
- Some space may be closed for seasonal gallery changes.

Operation Hours

Exhibition Galleries 10am - 6pm (Last admission 5:30pm)
Bar 6pm~2am <6F:Closed Mondays>

Floor Guide

Contact Us (General Inquiries)

By Phone : +81 3-5806-1181(10am to 6pm)
By Email : click here

Museum Location

2-34-4 Asakusa, Taito Ku, Tokyo, Japan 111-0032



Inventory of Collection : Approx. 30,000 items of clothing and antique folk articles
Ground Space : 460.82 square meters.
Total Floor Space : 2,182.20 square meters.

Company Information

Company Name : Amuse Edutainment Inc.
President : Kiyoshi Tatsumi

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